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bullet Sacrifice Medal - Directorate of Honours and Recognition (DH&R)

bullet Stars and Stripes - The Independent News Source for the U.S. Military Community

bullet Robert Howard - Medal of Honor

bullet Vietnam War Casualties From Canada.

bullet Fargo Air Museum NEWSLETTER.pdf PDF

bullet BEWARE FAKERS in FATIGUES and WANNABE's!!! is coming to BUST you!

bullet LZ Lambeau "Welcoming Home Wisconsin's Vietnam Veterans"

bullet LZ Lambeau Newsletter

bullet A Long Way Home  -  Interlake Spectator

bullet Canada: Keep Pushing Until The Gun Registry is Dead  -  NRA

bullet Military Funeral Honors - Devils Lake ND  -  INFORMATION: CVVA Bulletin Board

bullet Folding the American Flag:

bullet eVetRecs: Online Request Copies of Military Personnel Records. (Sent in by Karla Richardson - MN Patriot Guard Ride Captain)

bullet Former Marijuana Smuggler & Vietnam War Hero Seeks Greater Recognition: Phoenix New Times

bullet UPDATE: Vietnam War Hero Tony Tercero: Phoenix New Times

bullet  Application Form For Standard Government Headstone or Marker

bullet Military Connection Free Resources: 

bullet Thousands of Canadians Served With the U.S. Military in Vietnam

bullet Drill and Ceremony Refresh Your Skills

bullet Can a non-US citizen enlist or join the US Army? Non-US Citizen Enlistment Criteria

bullet The VVA Self-Help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure To Agent Orange

bullet VA Health Care Eligibility & Enrollment. How do I get a Veterans Identification Card (VIC)?

bullet Military Funeral Honors (Sponsored by DOD)

bullet Application Form For Standard Government HEADSTONE OR MARKER

bullet 24/7 Resources For US Military Members, Spouses, & Families - Military One Source

bullet Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Apologizes for Offending Veterans -

bullet "The Army Reporter" May 18, 1970, An Khe, Vietnam - "Insullting Lizard". See photo of lizard. Listen to the sounds of the Tokay Gecko Lizard.(Sent in by Rob Purvis)

bullet Vote in the USA Today poll - Vote here: Yes! The Question is: Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? (Sent in by "Whitey")

bullet Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.pdfPDF (Sent in by Ken Poitras)

bullet N.D. Guard Soldier named TRADOC Instructor of the Year

bullet North Dakota Governor's Proclamation Vietnam Veterans Day.pdf.pdf
(Sent in by Rainman)

bullet PTSD - ND American Legion Courage Carries On  (Sent in by Dan Stenvold)

bullet North Dakota Man Makes Walking Sticks For Veteran Amputees .pdf PDF (.jpg) (Sent in by Rainman)

bullet Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act H.R.45 (Sent in by Rainman)

bullet Getting Prank Phone Calls? Reverse phone number lookup can find who it is:


Veterans of Modern Warfare

Round Eyes - A Book About the Vietnam War by Cristine Cashay

Six years ago when I began researching historical fiction novel (Round Eyes) about the Vietnam War, I quickly realized I needed to rely on experts to advise me. I was fortunate to gather 24 American Vietnam veterans for my book research team, along with 6 Braniff International Airlines Pac Mac flight crew members who had volunteered to transport troops from Travis AFB in California over to Vietnam and back. Several vets on my book team have spoken very highly of the Canadian fighters they met and worked with back then, so I wanted to inform the Canadian Vietnam veterans about the book. I have attached a photo of the book cover, along with Amazon and Barnes & Nobles sites, where the book can be ordered.

Forever a fan of the American, Canadian, Australian, et al Vietnam Veterans.

Cristine Cashay, author of Round Eyes.





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