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Support Our Armed Forces - If You Don't Stand Behind Our Troops Feel Free To Stand in Front of Them!

Support Our US Troops - If You Don't Stand Behind Our Troops Feel Free To Stand in Front of Them!

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" The Secret Code on Veteran's DD 214"

Injustice Exposed

Special Veteran's Forum Guest Host Fred Smart

(1 hr. 31 min. Video)

Edwin H. Cosby III, Vietnam Veteran explains the secret code on the 26,000,000 veteran's DD214 forms, and how it is used against the Veterans.

Check Your DD form 214 SPN Secret Code HERE
(You may be in for a surprise!)

"Stolen Honor"

John Kerry and Jane Fonda's
Record of Betrayal

Narrated by
Carlton Sherwood

(42 Minute Video)

Wounds That Never Heal" - In the mid 1960's thousands of young American men left their families, homes and jobs and went to fight for their country in Southeast Asia.

Many of them never returned. Others were shot down and captured behind enemy lines. They were forced to suffer years of brutal treatment at the hands of the Communist captors.

In the opinions of this political affiliation, their horrifying days of darkness, starvation and torture were made worse by the actions of a young American Officer named John Kerry and also Jane Fonda.

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