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Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association (MB) CVVA Crest

Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association (MB)

Founding Principles


•  The Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association is made up of individuals who served in the American and Canadian Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, (February 28, 1961 - May 07, 1975).

•  We are dedicated to assist and support Vietnam and Vietnam War Era Veterans and their families. We have always worked to better the lot of those who served honorably in the US and Canadian Armed Forces and returned home to Canada.

•  Besides obtaining medical benefits for the Veterans here in Canada and working hard to become recognized as legitimate Canadian Veterans, much has been accomplished through the relentless effort of our Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association "Founding Fathers".

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf  Gold Canadian Maple Leaf  Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

CVVA right hand icon Constitution (Rev. 30 March 2011)

Canadian Maple Leaf - Poppy

O' Canada, Our Home And Native Land
We Had Hoped You Would Understand
Why We Left The Safety of Our Land
To Fight For Freedom in Vietnam

Like Our Fathers Before
We Set Off For a Distant Shore
Heeding The Trumpet's Call To Fight
For A Cause We Believed Was Right

And Though We Served As Americans
In Our Hearts We Fought Like Canadians
Be Proud O'Canada, For We Served Well
In That Time We Spent In Hell

Lest We Forget Those Who Gave Their All
Their Names Are Now Engraved Upon This Wall
O'Canada, Our Home and Native Land
We Hope That Now You Understand

by, Richard Malboeuf. Former US Army
101st Airborne Division, Vietnam
April 1969 - October 1970

First Aid. Last Rites

The hour-to hour way we live.
God is on our minds every time we hit the jungles.
An hour later true-time takes over,
and fills us up with love remembered
or good time love to come.

I killed a man today.
The only thing I'd hurt before, was you one time while making love,
and then I only hugged too hard.

How does it feel to kill ?
Like dying lonesome and unloved yourself.
Like cutting living grass,
or loosing all your marbles, in a match that wasn't right.

They are not dummies
on an infiltration field
the silent enemy breathes too.
Someone should have told me that
before I ran endless hamlets.

When true-time takes me over now,
after God has held my mind awhile,
I think of love.

I love my fellow man,
Perhaps a little more today.

Tomorrow I'll go gently,
and give the other side a chance.

Author, unknown


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